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امتحانات الهيئة السعودية في تخصص المختبر-معامل التحاليل الطبية

1) The definitive host is an animal: 1-Entamoeba histolitica 2-Toxoplasma Gondii 3-Trypanosoma cruzi 4-E.coli 5-Giardia lamblia 2) One is not found (involve) in colorimetric: 1- Cuvett 2-light source 3- Photo sensor and analyzer 4-fule source 5-Filter 3) The smallest molecular weight Ig is: 1-IgG 2-IgM 3-IgD 4-IgE 5-IgA 4) Bacteria can cause pathogenesis to human by: 1-Capsullar 2-Secret enzymes 3-Endogenous toxins 4-Exogenous toxins 5-All of the above 5) Neutrophil count is high in: 1-Acute bacterial infection 2- Iron deficiency anemia 3-Megaloblastic anemia 6) One is not correctly paired: 1-α- cells→ glucagon 2-β- cells → insulin 3-Parathyroid → calcium 4-Corpus luteum→ Progesterone 5-Estrogen → seminiferous tubules 7) Function of pili of the bacteria: 1- Attachment to the host tissue 2- Movement 3- Reproduction (multiplication) 4- Engulf of food 5- All of the above 8) Hb A2 is consisting of: 1- 3 ά chains and 2 γ chains