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Sex Positions

Sex PositionsOur sex positions tool can be used to filter through all positions we have on the site. Use it to find the best positions for just about any encounter
The Little Lift sex position is a rear-entry position that uses a prop, generally a pillow or wedge, for comfort and positioning. Although this position can be... read on The crab sex position is a woman-on-top position that is a variation of the Cowgirl position. In this variation of the Cowgirl position, the woman's legs are bent... read on The lotus sex position is a popular woman-on-top sex position from the Kama Sutra. This position requires the male partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus... read on The Big Dipper is a sexual position which sees a couple having intercourse while one person stands, and the other performs tricep bench dips. Due to its high... read on The facing spoon sex position is a sex position…